We will post here Readers' letters about Conifers Around the World.

Janie Clifford

Glouchester, UK
"I am delighted with the books. A fantastic effort and a marvellous way to explore the  trees of the world. I was a little surprised there were no conifers in Madagascar having recently visited the island, but this is explained. Terrific book!"

Dr. Larisa Orlova

Komarov Botanical Institute
St. Petersburg, Russia
"Dear Zsolt and Istvan,
I got [Conifers Around the World] and my colleagues and I have gladly exploring and admire your book!!!
I think it is the best book on conifers in the world!

Dougal Weaver

Batesford, Victoria, Australia
"About half an hour ago I walked into our home, carrying a quite heavy parcel which had come all the way from Hungary...